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Residency for artists from friend cites of Opole

Lokalizacja Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej
Czas 08.02.2019 - 14.04.2019
Weź udział w wydarzeniu dzisiaj!
The Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole PL and the City of Opole PL would like to invite you to take part in artistic residencies OUTSIDE THE CENTRE.



The residency focuses on the unique ambience of Opole. The city consists of 29 districts, which are quite diverse. The core of Opole is the beautiful historic center with medieval roots but other districts have  a completely different character; from rural places, beauty of natural island, industrial streets to socialist climate of blocks of flats.
During the residency, we encourage the participants to get to know two particular districts: "Zaodrze" and "Osiedle Armii Krajowej". These districts are not so far from to the city center. Both are the symbols of our past system – socialism. These districts have developed since the 1970s, with shops, blocks of flats and green areas.
"Osiedle Armii Krajowej" is located east-north off the center of Opole and has a distinctive point – the "hill of death" – artificially raised hill, dominating in one of the city parks, which is now a recreation center for the residents. They walk there, ride bicycles and rest with their families. Everyone in Opole is familiar with this green hill. However, the popular name of this place is quite sad, as it refers to legendary stories from the 1980s, where dangerous events occurred during the construction of a nearby housing estate.
"Zaodrze" is located to the west off the city center – "behind the Odra" – a river that flows through Opole and is one of the city's landmarks. The district boasts many green areas, as it is crossed by the river course. There are also lots of large socialist blocks of flats.
We encourage the residents to explore Opole, not only the beautiful center, but also the lively districts suggested in the project. The participants will be able to see those places and create their own stories about Opole.

Our aim is to familiarize the artists with the spirit of Opole and inspire them with its genius loci. We wish to encourage the participants to interact with the local community and atmosphere of the districts.

  • The Artist Residencies Programme “OUTSIDE THE CENTRE”, hereinafter referred to as the Programme or the Project, realised by the Organizer in cooperation with the city of Opole as part of the artist residencies cycle.
  • The Project may be entered by adult natural persons having full capacity to perform legal acts, engaged in artistic activity in the sister cities or friend cities of Opole.

  • As part of the Project, the Resident is required to prepare one art show, which is understood by the Organizer as providing a performance or a video and presenting it publicly, resulting from the subject matter of the residency.

  • The assumption and the objective of the Project is showing manifestations of European contemporary art among the inhabitants of Opole who are not professionally involved in art, along with cultural and artistic exchange between the city of Opole and its sister cities in order to learn about the common heritage, as well as integration of inhabitants of different districts of Opole and enlivening the cultural life in the districts of Opole, outside the city centre.
  • The subject of the Project is “Genius loci” of Opole – an attempt at identifying it by the residents, and especially at recognising cultural and historical character of the districts of Opole indicated by the Organizer.
  • The Project involves an eleven-day artist residency during the period from 29 August to 8 September 2019.

See all the regulations and application form in official web of residency:

  • curator: Agnieszka Dela-Kropiowska
  • contact: adelakropiowska@galeriaopole.pl 
08.02.2019 - 14.04.2019
Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej
pl. Teatralny 12 45-056 Opole