The vernissage. Autumn Salon 2020

Exhibition organised by the Opole branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP) and the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole (GSW).

Autumn Salon 2020

The art created by artists belonging to ZPAP is waiting to be discovered.

A Queen

Visual, by definition. Illustrative. Unfenced by sound, unassisted by literature, unobscured by a haze of imposing philosophy. She is made up of shapes, colours and meanings. They should be enough for her to exist. Out of all the muses, she is not the one who as a result of a combination of historical circumstances has become rather foolish. And yet she is looking at her sisters with apprehension, as if she could not take action without their support. It is also becoming increasingly clear that she is breaking down into fragments. Into words, into concepts. In politics, in spellbinding film narratives, in empty rooms of subsidised art galleries and in shops peddling cheap trinkets. She is losing her identity. She could be anything, but in misplacing her individuality, she is finding it increasingly difficult to love herself for what she is. Ladies in White smile at her outdatedly from museum paintings. The bygone days no longer come to her rescue. She is lonely. She is banished. She has been abandoned by her maids, forsaken by her friends and allies. She is standing in a wasteland clad in robes blowing enchantingly in the wind. Only the artists have remained faithful to her. Still.

 Exhibition curator: Andrzej Sznejweis

As many as 40 artists take part in the Autumn Salon 2020. The exhibition includes works created in the last year, touching upon diverse topics and making use of multiple media: from painting and sculpture to multimedia.

The vernissage will take place on 4 September 2020 at 6 pm.