Kaja Redkie, Crystalline solid


The Annex Gallery, pl. Teatralny 12, Opole

The works share a strong interest in colour – the perception forming in conjunction with rays of light falling on the observed surface, subject to constant transformation. Its nature is volatile, subordinate to the influence of its surroundings and the viewer’s singular impressions. The perception of a particular colour always yields myriad components. Transparency of the crystals – light transmittance through the subsequent layers creates inimitable optical effects. Colour is one of the identifying features of precious stones, and their colour properties are used in the production of pigments. There occurs a unique relationship between painting and crystal as a source of colour – paints were made from mineral dyeing substances. This dependency can underline the conviction that each and every man-made form has its source and equivalent in nature.

„Gemstone treatments” (2018-2021)

The cycle is an attempt to mimic impressions created by crystal structures and the composition of minerals. A simulation of the slow, dependent process of crystallization leads to unpredictable and endlessly diverse results. The emerging form of crystal is dependent on the environment which determines its final shape. It is a transcript of the changes that take place during its creation. What comes to life is a complicated, unique, multicolor, multilayer form, which can remain raw or be subject to further changes. The observation of crystals is an opportunity to preserve one’s own shapes and structures within a painting. To search for beauty, perfection, harmony, which can be accompanied by both symmetry and flaw.

Kaja Redkie

b. 1990, lives and works in Warsaw (PL). Graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The author draws attention to the universal concepts defining painting and receiving the image. Color, shape and their symbolism, the role of time and impression, the need for development, striving for harmony - these are some of the contexts on which its work can be considered.

Selected exhibitions:


– Gemstone fillings - NADA Miami, US, newartdealers.org / Raster Gallery, Warsaw, PL

– And if darkness is more than blackness, what else could it be? – BGSW Słupsk, PL

– This is fair - thisisfair.org The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA)


– Bator Tabor Charity Auction Presentation, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, PL

– International Autumn Salon of Art – BWA Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, PL

– Autumn Confrontations, Painting Trienniale, BWA Rzeszów, PL


– Blackout, Viennacontemporary, Vienna, AT

– Imperfect Black Body, LETO, Warsaw, PL (solo)

Partner: Gallery LETO, Warsaw