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Upcoming events:

Intervention of Sofia Krawiec

2-4.11. 2020

- the publication of photographs on Instagram in the context of the “Soap Bubbles” exhibition

Zofia Krawiec: Art critic, curator, Instagrammer, artist. Zofia Krawiec was born in 1986 in Poznań. Through her work with Instagram, Zofia Krawiec began to operate not only as an art critic but also as an artist. In November 2017, she completed a one-week residence at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, the results of which could be seen on the Gallery’s Instagram profile. In January 2018, the artist took part in the exhibition “After the End of Photography”, curated by Adam Mazur at the State Art Gallery in Sopot, devoted to digital practices which expand the traditional understanding of photography. One month later, she held her exhibition “The Girl May Seem Strong but Inside She Barely Holds On” at Warsaw’s lokal_30 Gallery, which was an overview of sorts of the phenomenon of Polish selfie-feminism. Zofia Krawiec was both the curator and one of the subjects of this exhibition.

Intervention of Katarzyna Oczkowska

6-8.11. 2020

-the publication of photographs on Instagram in the context of the “Soap Bubbles” exhibition

Katarzyna Oczkowska: Art critic, independent curator, performance artist. Katarzyna Oczkowska had her work published in magazines, exhibition catalogues and monographic studies. Her doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences is entitled “Lack. The Problem of Absence in Photography on the Example of Three Photographic Series of Polish Female Artists from 1997–2010”.