Grupa Ościenia


  • Vernissage: 10 December 2021, 6 pm
  • Duration of the exhibition: 11 December 2021– 23 January 2022
  • A tour guide in English, conducted by Natalia Krawczyk : 18.01. 2022 6 pm 

  • Exhibition curator: Edward Syty

In Full Light is an exhibition focusing on the accomplishments of the Ościenia group, which comprises: Tomasz Chmielewski, Jerzy Dmitruk, Marian Molenda, Zbigniew Natkaniec, Krzysztof Rozpondek and Edward Syty. Despite practising different disciplines and representing diverse attitudes, the artists have been working together for thirty years. For their successive projects, the group members usually choose an artist from outside their circle. This time an invitation was extended to Magdalena Wodarczyk. Her artworks made of glass combined with other materials add variety to the exhibited paintings, examples of graphic and ceramic art, sculptures, as well as installations created by the group's permanent members.

Visitor information on the exhibition's availability during the pandemic:

The exhibition space can accommodate 30 people at a time.

Face masks are compulsory.