Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole

The Contemporary Art Gallery has for many years dedicated itself to getting the public acquainted with the most compelling examples of modern art – originating from Poland and the rest of the world. The Gallery organises exhibitions of young Polish artists and carries out projects showcasing contemporary classics. One of the key undertakings of GSW is the promotion of fascinating artists hailing from the artistic community of Opole. Every year, the Contemporary Art Gallery holds nine large exhibitions in the main halls as well as a dozen or so in the Annex Gallery and in Opole’s urban space.

The exhibitions are curatorial in nature – they show selected social and cultural issues, focus on the periods vital to the work of chosen artists and discuss aesthetic aspects.

Our Gallery is Local Government Cultural Institution of Opole. The Contemporary Art Gallery (GSW) has at its disposal spacious exhibitions rooms located at 12 Theatre Square and the Annex Gallery, adjacent to the main exhibition building. Since 2010, 32a Kośnego Street has been home to Artpunkt – the Art Education Centre, where the education department of GSW engages in many activities encouraging various age groups to discover art. Artpunkt houses art studios, guest rooms and a reading room with an extensive collection of publications dedicated to contemporary visual culture.

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