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About Us

The origins of The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery can be traced back to 1958, when The Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions was founded in Opole. With the course of time, the institution changed its name into the current form and continues the work of its predecessor. The Gallery's headquarters are located in Theatre Square 12.

The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery is a non-commercial government-funded cultural institution. The main aim of the Gallery is to present and promote the contemporary art and foster the artistic development of the society. Therefore, the gallery's activities include the organisation of exhibitions, producing a variety of publications, and offering a number of artistic education programmes.

We are interested in all recent artistic phenomena, but we pay also a lot of attention to classical figures of contemporary art and the use of new media in art. Also, we endeavour to promote the Opole artists organising a variety of exhibitions in the country and abroad.

The key exhibitions of The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery include: Biennale Ars Polonia, which presents the most significant works of art by the Polish artists living or creating abroad (since 2008 such artists as Krzysztof Wodiczko, Krzysztof Zarębski, Ewa Partum, Anna Konik, Krzysztof Bednarski, Henryk Gajewski, Monika Weiss, Teresa Tyszkiewicz, Dominik Lejman, Adam Niklewicz took part in the project), LOGOGRAPHERS (the exhibition enhancing the international cooperation concerning the field of culture - residency program), The classics of contemporary art (educational project and an exhibition of famous artists of the twentieth century) and World Press Photo (the exhibition of the best journalistic photographies).

The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery publishes a number of exhibition catalogues, albums, and an art journal artpunkt. artpunkt is a quarterly magazine, which includes the analyses of the most important phenomena of twentieth- and twenty-first-century. The journal is available in a number of selected cultural institutions in other Polish cities such as the libraries of The Art Institutes, galleries, and museums of contemporary art.

The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery owns now a new building devoted entirely to the artistic education. Artpunt is situated at 32a Kośny Street. The building is furnished with the appropriate workshop equipment to carry out a number of creative classes. The workshop is equipped for example with a graphic press, ceramic furnace, and painting atelier. Moreover, Artpunt possesses a library and a reading room with a variety of books and journals concerning the classical and contemporary art. A number of apartments are located in Artpunkt in order to enable the artists to stay and work in Opole.

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